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Business benefits of an enrichment program

If you are looking for a joyful way to augment your practice, consider an enrichment program. It can even out your cash flow, provide networking opportunities with referrers, bring new clients into your practice and give you a stronger bond with existing clients.

Does your website speak to all your audiences?

While your clients may be older adults, the people shopping for your services are often their adult children. Completely different audience with very different needs. But what about your referrers? Does your website address their pain points? And potential employees? Does your website express your company culture in a way that is attractive in a competitive labor market?

Rebranding when you acquire a business

What do you need to think about when you bring two companies together? How do you leverage the best of the acquired company and still maintain your brand and standing with Google?

Granting Access to Your Google Business Profile

In order for us to help you with your Google Business Profile, we’ll need to be granted access to manage it. Here’s how to do that. – – Visit business.google.com Must be logged in as the owner or primary owner account Click on 3 vertical dots on right  Select “Business Profile Settings” from pop-up Select…

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What is a Google Business Profile?

Not everyone knows that Google gives your business prime real estate on search engine results pages…for free! In this quick video, I’ll explain what a Google Business Profile is and what you need to pay attention to: If you’d like help with your GBP, contact us.

Become THE local expert in solo aging

Twenty-two percent of older adults expect they will need to be their own caregivers. PLUS female solo agers are surprisingly wealthy! Attract these clients by becoming the local expert in solo aging. Partner with attorneys and financial advisors who also strive to reach the solo ager clientele.

Adding a home modification service

Looking to diversify your revenue stream? Consider adding a home modification service to your care management practice. Hear how others have started theirs and the tips they have to share.

2023 Trends in Care Management

As a marketing consultant with over 100 clients nationwide, I love the innovations I get to observe as care managers find new ways to enhance their practices. This year I thought I’d share four trends that I find promising. Three are new programs that care managers are adding to their services, and one is a pivot to a new audience: Solo agers.