Reaching family caregivers through Facebook

The graying of Facebook Facebook has matured, literally. According to the Pew Internet Project, Facebook is far and away the most popular of the social networks, with 68% of the entire U.S. adult population engaging in this medium. By age, that breaks down to 36% of persons 65+ use Facebook 61% of persons 50-64 use… Read more »

Why I’m not a fan of LinkedIn company pages

I find enthusiasm about company pages puzzling. Conventional wisdom has it that you need a personal profile AND a company page on LinkedIn. Company pages can be pretty. But I am not convinced they are effective. I work with about 90 elder care professionals around the country and I am frequently asked to help with… Read more »

How Care Managers Help Home Care’s Bottom Line

A series especially for home care companies In this post I am continuing a series about ways that home care companies can benefit from working more closely with Aging Life Care™ managers. Through my company, Elder Pages Online, I work with both groups. By sharing the results of many interviews I’ve conducted with home care… Read more »

How Care Managers Stretch Dollars for Home Care Customers

Finances are always a concern in elder care. But the general public, including home care companies, may not be aware of the many ways that an Aging Life Care™ Manager can help stretch those family dollars. Improving client outcomes There is no doubt that an Aging Life Care Manager can improve client and family outcomes…. Read more »

Care Managers and Home Care: Competitors or Colleagues?

This fall there was a lively email discussion among Aging Life Care™ managers about the relationship between home care companies and care management. The consensus was that home care companies, of course, are motivated to develop a referral relationship because a care manager can be a great source of new business. One-way referrals? Many care… Read more »

Link Building: Your 2017 Elder Care SEO Resolution

You make New Year resolutions for health in your personal life. Why not for the health of your business? Link building is tops According to Website Magazine editor-in-chief Peter Prestipino, the importance of incoming links has taken a leading role in search engine optimization (SEO), and likely will for years to come. Here is how I… Read more »

Non-Discrimination in Elder Care: Section 1557

If you receive federal funds (e.g., you are a hospice, home health agency, or home care program that receives Medicare/Medicaid payments), the Office of Civil Rights is now mandating that you ensure equal access to all. This means no discrimination based on age, gender, race, color, disability, or country of origin. Section 1557 of the… Read more »

Would you recognize your next elder care customer in a crowd?

Remember the customer is different from the client When marketing elder care, you need to distinguish between the client (generally an older adult with some frailties) and the decision-maker (the “customer”). The client is not usually the decision-maker for your services. He or she may not even be the one to pay the bill. The… Read more »

Family Referrals = Longer Hospice LOS

Hospice referrals made directly from families (sometimes called “direct referrals” or “self referrals”) result in 7-9 days longer lengths of stay than referrals from other sources. These data were gathered by Transcend Hospice Marketing, a nationally renowned firm that is deeply steeped in research and is very results-oriented. (My kind of approach!) National Stats According… Read more »

Thank a Caregiver!

Here’s a great campaign: In honor of National Family Caregiver Month (November), SeniorLink is sponsoring a national “Thank A Caregiver” initiative to acknowledge the 44 million family members and friends who help a loved one cope, and even thrive, despite an illness, disability or chronic condition. Nominate a Caregiver Do you know someone special… Read more »