About Us

Founder, Tasha Beauchamp, created Elder Pages Online in 2007 as a way to help elder care providers connect more effectively with families and referrers, and to help caregiving families get the information they need. We define ourselves as a company where high touch meets high tech and are proud to have been named the 2013 Outstanding Corporate Partner of the Year by ALCA (the Aging Life Care Association®).

Our mission
Our mission is to help elder care providers make better use of content marketing as means to spread the word about their business. From responsive design websites and effective use of newsletters, blogs, and social media, we are there to make technology and education easy!

Our team
In 2023, Ben and Aria stepped into the ownership position, with Tasha remaining on the Leadership Team, continuing to write the content, creating new services, and networking nationally with ALCA and other professional organizations.

There are many people who contribute their specialized skills and big hearts to Elder Pages Online. We are a virtual company, meaning our staff lives and works all over the country. Each one was chosen for their technical expertise and commitment to elders and family caregivers.

Meet our team:

Ben Klocek, BFA: President, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Artistic Design

Ben is the president of Elder Pages Online, a leading elder care marketing company that provides exceptional online experiences and print materials for seniors, their families, and referrers.

Ben’s unique approach to marketing combines the disciplines of art and software to create well-designed and user-friendly web products and print materials that are tailored to the needs of care managers and other elder care providers. These products provide care managers and other elder care providers with a platform to promote their services and engage with their audience in an effective and efficient way.

In addition to his work at Elder Pages Online, Ben is passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills with others and lectures on business practices for creatives, conscious computing for schools and businesses, and engaged living as a path to a better world.

Ben earned his Bachelor of Arts in Technology & Art from Sonoma State University’s Hutchins Program, with an Art minor in printmaking.

Part of the “sandwich generation,” Ben helps his senior parents with their proactive planning (and gardening!) and is raising his two kids in a multigenerational household with his senior mother-in-law.

His unique background and experience give him a perspective that is valuable for understanding the needs of care managers and other elder care providers and creating web products that effectively meet those needs.

Ben lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Jaime, and their two daughters. With his passion for eldercare and his commitment to creating exceptional marketing products, Ben is excited to be leading Elder Pages Online while providing care managers and other elder care providers with the tools they need to reach and engage with their audience.

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Aria Mikkola-Sears, BA: Vice President, Director of Customer Service

Aria has been with Elder Pages Online since the very beginning, when she helped stuff envelopes for the company’s first mail campaign in 2007. Since then, she has done everything from data entry to account management to product development, helping the company scale and grow to the size it is now.

Her long history with the company has made Aria familiar with the needs of eldercare professionals and the services that can help them succeed. She enjoys training clients on how to use their products and enthusiastically works behind the scenes to make sure clients are always getting new content.

As someone who cares for aging parents herself, Aria understands and deeply appreciates the important roles our clients play in the world. She’s proud to provide them with support and educational material so they may successfully serve others.

Aria holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Letters from Portland State University. She is currently settled in Eugene, Oregon, where she can often be found exploring nature or tending a garden.


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Tasha Beauchamp, MSc: Founder, Research Scientist

Natasha (“Tasha”) Beauchamp is the creator of Elder Pages Online which opened its virtual doors in 2007. For 18 years before that, she created multimedia health education programs for projects funded by the National Institutes of Health. As a research scientist, her emphasis was on family caregiver interventions.

Tasha’s frontline experience with older adults began when she served as a hospice volunteer (1997-2007). Earlier in her career, she was a home birth midwife in Santa Cruz, California. Both vocations inform her passion for elder care. For Tasha, birth and death are the same street, just different directions.

In 2003, Tasha received her Masters of Science in Health Promotion from the University of Alberta, where she learned to apply principles of community development to media-based health initiatives. She also holds a graduate certificate in Geriatric Care Management from the University of Florida.

Tasha is the primary writer and content manager for all our services (those focusing on family caregivers and those on proactive planners). She regularly leads webinars helping elder care professionals make better use of content marketing. In addition she is a frequent contributor to the Aging Life Care Association® list serve.

Tasha lives with her husband in northern California where she enjoys cultivating her four fruit trees, playing the piano, and making silly sing-along videos for her granddaughter who lives 600 miles away in Los Angeles.

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Erin Casteel, Programmer

Erin has been designing and building websites since 1999. She received her BA in Computer Science from Wesleyan University and is an active member of Sonoma County’s Web and Interactive Media Professionals.

At Elder Pages Online, Erin is in charge of creating the new client sites in WordPress. She handles all of the CSS and graphics changes. She is also in charge of the interactive forms (Request Information, Schedule a Consultation…). Her coding focuses on standards compliance and efficiency.

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Sarah Giometti, Digital Marketing Specialist

Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a certified Google Partner, a member of the American Marketing Association, and immediate past president of the Professional Marketing Group, North Bay. Sarah began her marketing career working with large corporations, managing budgets of $300K.

Frustrated with the corporate scene, she opened her own business, Provaro Marketing, in 2009. There she has been able to focus on customized, local marketing with an emphasis on digital strategies that deliver measurable results.

Working with Elder Pages Online, Sarah adds her expertise to the company’s understanding of the elder care niche. She brings national level insights about home care, hospice and care management to further the local presence of our clients. Sarah is focusing on cost-effective packages for Google My Business and Reputation Management, but is also available through Provaro Marketing to set up Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads and other forms of digital advertising.

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Dorothy Foster, LMFT: Science Writer

Dorothy collaborates with Tasha to write the three elder care articles that appear in the monthly newsletter for family caregivers and the once-a-month “Aging Well Blog” to help care managers connect with proactive planners.

Together Dorothy and Tasha develop the editorial calendar and search the Internet and university libraries to find credible, evidence-based resources.

They write the articles with a focus on empowerment through education and support.

Dorothy was the valedictorian of her class, receiving her Masters in psychology from the Professional School of Psychology in San Francisco. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, focusing especially on issues related to aging and caregiving. From 2005 – 2015, she worked as the Clinical Supervisor for the Redwood Caregiver Resource Center, advising family caregivers, conducting counseling sessions, and managing the in-house counseling program. She now has a private counseling practice in Santa Rosa, California.

Before working with family caregivers, Dorothy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, Food and Dietetics through San Jose State University in California. She went on to earn a graduate certificate in Science Communication through the University of California at Santa Cruz. She has worked as a freelance writer since 1983 and served as the Managing Editor for McKesson Corporation’s quarterly Health Spectrum magazine.

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Rebecca Wild-Wesley, RN, BSN, MA, CMC

Rebecca is the nurse-reviewer who goes over the articles from a medical point of view. She is an Aging Life Care™ professional and has been an owner of an Aging Life Care business since 2013. Her background includes training as a registered nurse, obtaining a master’s degree in gerontology, and holding certification as care manager. Over the past years, she has worked with solo agers as well as families at many intersections of aging, health and disability. As a leader in her local chapter of Aging Life Care Association® – New England, she was instrumental in guiding the chapter through a reorganization during her year as President and continues to serve as Public Policy chair for New England.

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Jennifer T. Szakaly, MA, CMC, CG

Jennifer serves as our guardian-reviewer, adding insights to our blog posts and newsletter articles based on her more than 15 years as an Aging Life Care Manager.

With a Master of Arts in Gerontology, Jennifer opened Caregiving Corner in 2005. Jennifer became nationally certified as a care manager in 2008 and nationally certified as a guardian in 2018.

Jennifer is a proud Advanced Professional Member of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA). Currently, she is serving as the Past-President of the Southeast Chapter of ALCA and is a Board Member of the North Carolina Guardianship Association.


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Lori Howell

Lori is our reviewer for articles pertaining to Medicare. In her business, Howell Medicare Advisors, Lori assists individuals and businesses navigate the maze of Medicare rules and options available to Medicare beneficiaries. Lori initially received her training as a certified SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) Counselor. She subsequently became licensed to sell Life & Health insurance and worked for a large health and benefits organization. In 2010, Lori started Howell Medicare Advisors, LLC to provide unbiased fee-only advice, free from the influence of commissions.

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Maki Mizutani

Maki assists with data entry and administrative tasks, such as social media posts, email announcements, etc. She keeps the content flowing on schedule!

Maki is a senior at the University of California, Davis where she is majoring in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. She’s interested in patient advocacy and hopes to pursue a career in healthcare.

In her personal life, she loves music, playing sports with friends, and visiting her hometown, Sebastopol, California.

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