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2023 Trends in Care Management

As a marketing consultant with over 100 clients nationwide, I love the innovations I get to observe as care managers find new ways to enhance their practices. This year I thought I’d share four trends that I find promising. Three are new programs that care managers are adding to their services, and one is a pivot to a new audience: Solo agers.

Clarification about newspaper articles

Want a weekly family caregiver column in a local newspaper? Our clients can extend their publishing rights to include a local periodical as long as the circulation of the paper has no conflict with a neighboring client’s territory.

Strategically picking your presentation (or webinar) topic

Want to increase the productivity of your presentations? Begin by choosing your topics wisely. Be generous in the educational tips you provide, but don’t give away the store. Learn how to balance education and sales so you can move prospective clients on the next steps of the Customer Journey.

How to make presentations more productive

Strategic Use of Presentations (and webinars) to Gain Clients
Learn how to plan your presentation so it becomes the gift that keeps on giving!
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Making your company culture visible

In addition to living your company culture, you also need to make it readily visible so potential employees get an authentic picture of your business as they decide whether to apply for your job openings.

Having trouble finding staff?

As you compete for employees, consider expressing your unique “employer brand” through the lens of People, Path, Pretzel, and Purpose.

The Customer Journey: Meet them where they are

Do you have the tools you need for each step of the Customer Journey? Learn more about the stages of the marketing and sales cycle and how you can meet potential customers where they are and appropriately guide them forward to the next stage.

The Unwelcome Holiday Surprise

Many adult children come back from a holiday visit distressed by the visible decline in their parents. Perhaps normally tidy Mom was disheveled, or even unbathed. Maybe Dad’s mail is piling up, including unpaid bills. A ride as a passenger revealed a parent’s misjudgments as a driver. And what about those new dents in the car? “Oh, just a little fender bender….”

None of these problems were evident during phone calls or zoom sessions. But during an in-person visit, they became quite obvious.

Why you need to cultivate Google Reviews

Did you know that 66% of consumers consider online reviews an essential part of the decision-making process? 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust the recommendation of a friend? 80% of consumers say they only trust businesses with a four-star average or higher? Furthermore, the quantity and quality of your reviews…

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