Websites for every budget

We know eldercare!

Serving over 100 providers around the country, we understand your client base, your referrers, and your services. No need to explain. In fact, many of our clients hire us to write their text!

Whether you want a starter website with do-it-yourself options or a robust, content-rich website, we can provide you with a professional-looking Web presence that embodies the heart and spirit of eldercare.

Begin with the basics
A clean home page with a simple style, or an expansive image with a contact form above the fold to promote client engagement, you get to choose the format. We brand it with your name, logo, colors, and contact information. You receive the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • Our Services
  • About Us
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Us
  • Request Information
  • Schedule a Consultation

You select your preferred graphics and video
Photos that represent the flavor of your business, staff photos, awards, professional memberships, a video message to potential clients, video testimonials. . . . We install what you’d like on the home page and teach you how to upload the others on any of the interior pages. Or hire our virtual assistant to do the uploading and graphics optimization.

You write your local text
We teach you how to upload it in WordPress so you have the power to make revisions whenever you want, as often as you want. Want extra pages? No problem! We’ll add five to eight simple pages (e.g., no forms) for free. You upload the graphics and text and tell us when you are ready to display them to the public. We’ll add them to the menu. Voila!
(No time to learn WordPress? You can hire our virtual assistant to do the uploading.)

With our affordable, easy website, you can create your own masterpiece and be live to the public within two to three weeks.

Then add modules


“Our Services” pages

You have many audiences you want to speak to, each with their unique need for your services. If you are short on time or just don’t want to do the writing, license our exclusive content that helps you quickly express the benefits of working with your company.

For instance, for care managers, we have pages speaking to:

  • Families with aging parents
  • Those who wish to age well (currently well boomers)
  • Attorneys
  • Wealth managers
  • Medical providers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Home care companies

Use the pages as they are or as a springboard to embellish with your own words and graphics.

None of your local competitors can license this text.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

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Library for family caregivers

Stake your claim as THE local expert in family caregiving. Choose from two distinct libraries of information to add depth to your website:

The Chronic Care Library. Add thirty pages of educational articles to your website on topics of concern to families:

  • Insights on Aging (Physical changes. Emotional changes. Mental changes. Your strengths. Your legacy.)
  • Staying Independent (Preventing falls. Managing medications. Preventing hospitalizations and rehospitalizations. Driving safely.)
  • Memory Loss/Dementia (What is dementia? How dementia affects family life. Early stage of dementia. Middle stage of dementia. Late stage of dementia. Final stage of dementia. Help for families.)
  • Tips and Tools for Family Caregivers (Your changing role. Coping with stress. Dealing with family. Educating yourself. Finding help.)
  • Important Documents (Finances and estate planning. Quality of life. Health care planning: The advance directive. The POLST.)

The Advanced Illness Library. Do you work with clients through to the end of life? Add these twenty-four pages of tips and insights to help families during the tender time of caring for a loved one with a terminal condition.

  • Managing Difficult Symptoms (Trouble breathing. Managing pain. Depression and anxiety. Fatigue. Nausea, diarrhea, constipation. Restlessness, agitation, delirium. Note: These topics reflect the CAHPS questions and can be used by hospice staff to improve education in those areas where there are low scores on their surveys.)
  • Emotional–Spiritual Issues in Serious Illness (Hope. Grief. Spirituality. Family conflict. Mourning your loss.)
  • Living with Serious Illness (Living with cancer. Living with congestive heart failure. Living with COPD. Living with advanced dementia. Links for families.)
  • Medical Concerns (Caregiving tips for daily activities. Nutrition, eating, and serious illness. Talking with your doctor. The last few days: What to expect.)

All of the articles are evidence based. You can be confident that your professionalism is well represented.

Train your staff
Many of our clients use their libraries as training materials for new staff, or 24/7 boosters for staff out in the field who may be confronted with an issue and need answers on the spot.

Social media treasure trove
With over 100,000 words of content, you have a treasure trove of content marketing material for social media. Excerpt two to five sentences from any of the articles and use them for Facebook or LinkedIn updates, Instagram, or Google Business Profile posts.

Stand out from the competition.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

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Google Reviews

  • Do you have good Google Reviews you want to show off? License our Google Review plugin and your four- and five-star reviews will display on the home page as well as on your Testimonials page. You can’t buy advertising as powerful as Google Reviews.
  • Don’t know how to get reviews? Unsure how to respond to them? (What if you get a negative review?) Part of our package includes templates to help you request, track, and respond to reviews, as well as a training session to help you realize how easy it actually is.
  • Don’t have a Google Business Profile yet? To get reviews, you need a Google Business Profile. Let us help you set that up. We’ll even write a keyword-rich description of your business.

Let us help you maximize your presence on Google.

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Custom writing

Do you get writer’s block? Or is writing just not your thing? Maybe you are just too busy to write. We can help! Together we decide which services are the most strategic to emphasize. Then we interview you to learn about the unique way in which you deliver those services.

Our experienced staff will write text for up to four pages, highlighting your featured services and weaving in popular search terms. We help you choose graphics. And if you have a Google Business Profile, we’ll even connect the highlighted services to the Products section of your profile to draw attention directly from a Google search results page.

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Blogs or newsletters

Content marketing is the sharing of expertise as a means to get your brand in front of your audience as often as possible without using smarmy sales tactics. You educate. Referrers and prospective clients gain repeated exposure to your brand. They become impressed with your knowledge and insight. You build trust and brand loyalty.

Whether you prefer blogging, or the benefits of a newsletter, we can provide you with online, email, and print content for reaching family caregivers, networking with referrers, or connecting with proactive planners (currently well boomers who are ripe for consultations now, and your next generation client in the not too distant future!)

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

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