Blogging to Family Caregivers

Reach key decision-makers.
Leverage the content in social media.

Show them you understand their concerns and are the go-to solution-finder.

Effortless content
All 52 weeks of the year, you receive a 300-word article and a professional graphic that calls attention to issues important to family caregivers. All you have to do is grant us editor access. We do the rest.

Based on science
Your posts are written by a research scientist who worked for 18 years on family caregiver interventions funded by the National Institute on Aging. If you need a citation, you can request sources for any article.

Easy to read
All posts are written to the eighth grade level. (Even PhD’s prefer to read smaller words!)

You receive an exclusive
You become THE expert on family caregiver in your service area. None of your local competitors can license the Family Caregiver Blog.

Leverage your content on social media
Make the most of your weekly posts by adding social media services:

  • Post weekly blogs on your LinkedIn page. Large graphics appear in your profile to catch the attention of prime referrers (97% of attorneys are on LinkedIn; The average household income on LinkedIn is >$75,000).
  • Post weekly updates on Facebook. You want to stand out as a business with heart, knowledge and purpose. And you want to lead viewers back to your website. Especially if you are hiring caregivers, you want posts that are more than job applications and direct pitches for your service.

Add a print newsletter
There just are situations when you need a piece of paper to include in a packet or leave in a referrer’s office once a month. And sometimes your service brochure, quite honestly, is not that welcome.

Your weekly blog can be reformatted to become a .pdf file so you can publish an educational print newsletter branded with your name, logo and colors.

Great for generating word-of-mouth referrals, a print newsletter gives people a useful resource to pass along to others (viral marketing at its best!).

Looking for a client retention initiative? Include the paper newsletter or .pdf as a “spoonful of sugar” when you send out your invoices.

Email options
Deliver your brand to the inbox of clients—or potential clients—once a month. Even if they don’t open it up, they are reminded of your expertise and caring, which keeps your company top of mind long after your last personal contact.

Ideal for extending the reach of community presentations, referrer meetings or initial calls of inquiry. All you need to do is gather the email addresses. We handle the rest!

Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest?
We don’t believe in pushing clients to services they don’t need. If you were selling the latest fashion or the latest gadget, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest would be appropriate. But your clients and referrers are not there. Save your money and invest it where it will do the most good.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

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