How-ZanyWomanConnect_fnl-letterboxYour name, logo, colors and contact information are branded onto our templates. You provide the header graphics and can add graphics onto any of the pages. You are welcome to edit the text in any of the pages as well, but most people just edit the Our Services and About Us wording—that’s your own unique story. The rest is national in scope, but you may have a special program you want to highlight.

If you license an e-library, newsletter and social media support, you receive an exclusive for your area. None of your local competitors can license these resources.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

Find out if your market is available

Can I use your e-library as my company website?

Yes! Many of our clients do. It’s a great (and inexpensive) way to get 20+ pages of educational content for a fraction of the cost. You retain ownership of your domain name. And the content is completely editable by you. Your web address is what shows in the address bar, we simply point the A records to your version of the e-library. (Don’t worry about the technology. We’ll handle that for you.) You also have the option of also promoting an educational URL (e.g., seriousillness.org/[yourcommunity] or AgingWell[YourCommunity].com) for situations that are closed to your commercial presence.

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May I put your content on my existing website?

Sadly, no. Here’s why: The only way we can protect your exclusive—and all our other clients’—is if your educational resources stay within the website we make for you.

You are allowed to excerpt 2-5 sentences in other online media and then point people back to your e-library or newsletter page. Other than these teasers, though, text, graphics and videos may not be inserted in your company website, nor on other websites (e.g., Facebook, a Blog…) nor in other media (e.g., handouts, newspaper articles).

You may create one-page educational handouts from the newsletter using the printready .pdf feature which displays your header and your exclusive territory at the top.

Many clients find that having a sister website that is educational in focus can be extremely useful.

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Why would I want an educational Web address?

There are many situations where educational resources will open doors that are closed to your commercial presence.

  • Discharge planners will not put your commercial brochure in a discharge packet, but they are quite happy to include a brochure about educational resources for families.
  • Other websites unwilling to put a link to your company website will link to your e-library. A link to your company URL could be interpreted to be endorsing you. On the other hand, they are happy to put a link to an educational website for family caregivers.
  • You can shamelessly market your educational resources in ways you cannot promote your company without seeming over bearing. Content marketing allows you to proudly share useful information. Frame this as a gift in honor of family caregivers in your service area. You know how hard they have it and you are making this resource available free, 24/7 to support them. What’s not to love about that? It’s your brand all over it. It’s not about anyone else. And it has About Us, Contact Us, Our Services and a Request Information form—everything they need to take the next step of initiating contact.
  • In the case of hospice, many people are not yet ready to say, “Mom” and “hospice” in the same sentence, let alone to actively go to a hospice website. By offering educational resources at seriousillnees.org, you give them a safe context for getting the information they need. And while they are at it, they can look at your “Our Services” and “About Us” pages and learn more about you and what you do.
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Do I have to know Word Press?

No. We’ll teach you! It’s part of your first year set-up fee and takes about one hour. We also offer video tutorials as refreshers. They are available online 24/7.

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How long does it take to "go live"?

We have branded an e-library and made it live in as little as 1 week. But that was a very motivated client! Usually it takes from 3-6 weeks for you to get us the graphics and write your text. Teaching you how to enter your text takes only an hour!

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How much does it cost?

The cost to license our resources depends on the product you choose, the features within it and the population density of the area you wish to secure for your exclusive.

Your first year fee covers the branding of the template and teaching you how to edit. It also includes web-hosting on the servers, tech support and your area exclusive.

Subsequent years include content updates as needed, web-hosting, tech support and maintenance of your area exclusive.

Check out each of our marketing tools to learn ball-park pricing. Larger markets may be a few hundred dollars more.

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Why are populated service areas more expensive?

We are a small business and would rather keep our prices low than have to raise them to hire a book-keeping department. 😉

Payments are made once a year. We are not able to bill monthly. You can, however, pay online with a credit card and then pay off your card as is convenient for your cash flow.

For the first year development fee we ask for 50% up front and the remaining 50% when we have finished all of our programming.

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Can I reserve a territory?

Yes! If you are interested in our resources but can’t get started right away, you can reserve your service area for about 20% of the cost of a final contract (usually a few hundred dollars). For this fee, we will say “no” to anyone requesting your territory in the next 12 months. If you enter into a contract with us within 6 months, we’ll convert the reservation fee to a deposit and credit it against the total.

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