Hospice Marketing

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Download our strategy booklet: Content Marketing for Hospice

Reach families earlier

Searching for hospice marketing ideas? We specialize in promotion of hospice, palliative care and Transitions programs, giving you unique resources to connect with referrers and reach families earlier in the process.

Did you know:

  • Patients admitted by family self-referral have an ALOS that is 7-10 days longer than those coming from other referral sources.
  • At 5%-10% of all referrals, direct-from-family referrals represent the biggest growth opportunity for hospice.
  • You can grow family self-referrals to be 20%, even 30% of your referral base.

For a unique entry point with doctors, discharge planners AND family caregivers, check out our hospice marketing tools.

Save time
We do the writing. You reap the benefits. You offer educational articles that are evidence based, yet written for family caregivers.

Give your referrers useful tools
No more donuts, pens and refrigerator magnets! Each month, you bring your referrers resources that make their life easier.

Increase early exposure
Use educational materials to get your brand in front of families who would not otherwise turn to hospice.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

Find out if your market is available

Check out these hospice marketing tools:

All our products are available a la carte. But we have found the following combinations to be the most effective:

  • Premium Media Package
    Weekly blog posts on your company website, combined with Social Media Support and a Monthly Newsletter. You’ve got it all covered with a weekly blog, LinkedIn and Facebook updates, as well as print and email newsletters.
  • Social Media Package
    Monthly Newsletter with Social Media Support. Ideal for small businesses that don’t have the time or staff to manage social networking.
  • Pro Website Package
    E-library with a monthly Newsletter. Our most popular package for those looking for a content-rich company website. You generate a robust Internet presence with deep content and fresh articles each month.