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Increasing your visibility in a search

Google’s job in a search is to deliver results that successfully meet the needs or expectations of a searcher. That means Google must evaluate your business for

  • relevance – that there is a good match between your business and the term or phrase used by the searcher
  • accuracy – how likely it is you are who you say you are (fraud prevention), that you can be contacted at the information provided, and that you offer what you say you offer
  • quality of your service – some objective measure of customer satisfaction

The Google My Business (GMB) page

To help Google measure these priorities, they have provided you with the ability to complete a Google My Business (GMB) page. You may be most familiar with this page from your own searches. On a results page, you will notice a panel on the right that usually features a business with

  • photos of its staff
  • photos of its office (if there is one)
  • links to the website and directions
  • a phone number to call
  • hours of operation
  • Google reviews and star ratings
  • featured products with FAQs and links to learn more
  • regular blog postings that flesh out your understanding of the business, its personality, and its credibility

More and more consumers are turning to Google to find you and to evaluate you online, relative to your competition.

Let us help you with these search-oriented services: 

Displaying Google reviews

Getting those star ratings and positive comments about your business is commercial gold. A testimonials page on your website is helpful, but how do viewers know you didn’t just make them up? By displaying your Google reviews on your company website, you provide “social proof” that others have been satisfied with your services.

You receive the following:

  • An initial tune-up on your GMB page. If your GMB page is not optimized, Google doesn’t “see you” as readily as they would if it is completely and accurately filled out. We audit your page, add the top priority elements, and remove the most common sources of inaccuracy (and demerits!). You need a GMB page to gather Google reviews.
  • Advice for collecting Google reviews. Google has protections in place to ensure that reviews are genuine and not coerced or bought. As a result, there are very particular do’s and don’ts for getting reviews. Let us help you avoid common pitfalls that could cause Google to misinterpret your reviews and penalize your listing.
  • Suggestions for handling negative reviews. Bad reviews do happen. But strategic responses and savvy review collection procedures can help you minimize public complaints and actually improve your services and customer satisfaction overall. (Except for their public nature, negative reviews are a gift! It’s extremely helpful to know where your service needs improvement.)
  • Displaying positive reviews on your website. Google insists on posting all reviews and communication on your GMB page. On your own website, however, you can leverage the benefits of social proof by displaying only your four- and five-star reviews on strategic pages so prospective clients can get immediate feedback from satisfied customers.

Additional services available on request

  • Email templates for sending out review requests
  • Immediate notification when a review is placed
  • Addition of Facebook reviews (on your GMB and filtered on your website)
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Optimizing each service offering

What are the key terms related to your services that people search for most?

  • “Help after the hospital”
  • “Dealing with dementia”
  • “Referral to assisted living”
  • “Aging in place”

As national experts in eldercare, we can help you avoid much of the hit-or-miss experimentation required by search engine optimization (SEO) companies that are not familiar with the eldercare niche.

For clients who hire us to host their company website, we can add these service-based pages.

You receive

  • pages focused on top services requested in your niche
  • starter text and graphics that you add to with details about your offerings
  • an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on each page to answer the most common questions about that service
  • display of each service on your GMB page, with links to that service’s page on your website

Additional services available upon request

  • Periodic posting about services in your blog, with simultaneous display in your GMB page
  • Google ads pertaining to select services, with corresponding landing pages to boost targeted inquiries
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Regular posting to your GMB page

Part of maintaining a positive viewer experience is making sure that what the searcher sees is accurate and up to date. Although you can simply complete your GMB page and call it done, Google gives you many more points (and you increase your chances of appearing higher in a search result) if you add to the page regularly.

But who has time?
For clients using WordPress for their company website, you can leverage our family caregiver content or our Aging Well content for boomers and display it on your GMB page as well.

You receive

  • automatic—handsfree—GMB posting of educational content, including text and graphics. Once a week for family caregiver articles. Once a month for Aging Well articles. No fuss, no muss on your part.
  • A row of graphics and excerpts on your GMB to add credibility and visual attractiveness to your listing.
  • Google “points” for regularly updating your GMB.
  • A GMB tune-up. Even if you think your GMB page is complete, our experience tells us that key elements are likely to be missing or entered incorrectly. There may even be duplicate GMBs from an earlier time in your business. Since accuracy is what Google is all about, we audit your page and your Web presence, making sure the top-priority elements are in alignment with Google policies and removing the most common sources of inaccuracy (and demerits!).

Additional services available on request

  • Hyper-local posting. Educational information is awesome. But people buy from other people. You want to periodically post about people, events, and activities that are very specific to your company (e.g., highlight your nursing staff for National Nurses Week). No time? We can help you craft and post updates that focus very specifically on you, your team, and your community.
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Local search optimization

Although the more focused “by service” approach tends to be most effective with a search, for those with less time and less money, we can create pages that will help you land higher in a search result when people search for your service sector generically in a particular town. For instance:

  • Home care in DC, home care in Arlington, home care in Bethesda
  • Hospice care in Phoenix, hospice care in Scottsdale, hospice care in Tempe

We know your services are the same in outlying areas. But the truth is that Google’s algorithms simply will list a page that matches a local search exactly much higher than one that doesn’t. Consider these pages “written for the search bots.” The trick is to make them different enough that it makes sense to humans also.

For clients who license our services as their company website, we can add a Locations We Serve section.

You receive

  • a page each for up to seven cities you would hope to optimize for. Included on each page are graphics and testimonials from clients, family caregivers, referrers, and employees who work or live in that location. Also links to neighboring towns that may not be the focus of your optimization but deserve mention.
  • backlinks to your Our Services page, bringing viewers and the attention of Google to that important business section of your website.
  • a Locations We Serve page that lists your top seven cities, with links that draw Google’s attention to your presence in each of these locations.

Additional services upon request

  • Creation or tune-up of your GMB page
  • Creation of a generic services FAQ that posts to your GMB page
  • Google ads for location-based searches
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