Home Care Marketing

scfpatientyhfcaregiver_adobestock_86793718-680x330How to find customers AND employees!

Caregiver recruitment and retention
Having enough staff is as much—and sometimes more—of a concern with home care marketing as finding and keeping clients.

We help you do both!

From content-rich websites to monthly newsletters and weekly social media postings, you stand out from the crowd.

Prove your commitment to education
Online resources demonstrate your expertise to families. They also serve as just-in-time training and ongoing reference material for your staff.

Highlight your staff
Address the caregiver shortage by creating and broadcasting your Culture of Attraction. With a “Caregiver of the Month” feature, you not only project pride in your staff, your mini-interviews also give potential clients a window into the heart of your employees: why they are caregivers and why they like working for you!

Impress potential employees
Most of your caregivers are of the Internet generation. They will research you online. Let your resources shine with your commitment to them and to their professional development!

Reward your best caregivers
It’s easier to keep a good employee than it is to find a new one. Feature your top performers in newsletters or on your Home Page. Model for others what you are looking for in superior employees.

Promote word-of-mouth marketing
With branded educational resources you give clients (and your staff) ways to easily spread the word about you. Every link they share and every page they print and pass to a friend helps to spread your brand to the community. Viral marketing at its best!

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

Find out if your market is available

Check out these home care marketing tools:

  • E-Library for Family Caregivers. Over 20 pages of educational content for family decision makers that also helps you train employees and network with referrers.
  • Monthly Newsletter for Family Caregivers. Every month you receive three fresh articles. Plus you can easily add a “Caregiver of the Month” topic to recognize high performing staff.
  • Social Media Support.
    Impress your referrers, family caregivers and prospective employees with weekly 200-word blog posts on LinkedIn highlighting topics from your newsletter.

Get the Pro Package
Our most popular combination gives you reference resources in the E-library and fresh content each month with the Newsletter. You save $300.

Social Media Package
Monthly Newsletter with Social Media Support. Ideal for small businesses that don’t have the time or staff to manage social networking.