Your Exclusive License

Clients LOVE the exclusive
You know elder care inside out, but you don’t have the time to write. With the area exclusive, you rest assured that you have deep content and that none of your local competitors will show up with the same website, newsletter, etc.

Establishing your territory
Where do you market your services? Tell us the major city you serve and the counties involved, and we’ll let you know if the territory is available for the product you are interested in.

Protecting your exclusive
We are very protective of your exclusive. In fact, the first question we ask of prospective clients is where they market their services. If there’s an overlap with yours, we politely say “no” and put them on a waiting list.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

Find out if your market is available

Products with no exclusive
Content marketing is about building relationships with clients and referrers and showing off your expertise. With our larger educational products, we work very closely with you and your staff, educating you about the marketing strategies you have licensed. In that light, we don’t feel comfortable working with two businesses that are competitors.

Some products, however, are a one-time boost and don’t really involve much of a relationship between us (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation).

Other products are more of a utility than a creative expression of your brand. (e.g., the mobile Referral Web App; the Google My Business page). They are more clerical in nature, simply entering contact information. There is no personalized depth, really. A good analogy is the software that runs a self checkout stand at the grocery store. You hear the same narrator and follow the same procedures no matter which store you are in. There’s not much that’s different from one store to the next, except that one ends saying “Thank you for shopping at Safeway” while the other says, “Thank you for shopping at Lucky’s.” These products do not carry an exclusive.