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Content marketing made easy!

No time to write?
With our content marketing products, we do the writing and handle the technology. You reap the benefits. Quick and easy!

Tailored for elder care professionals
Each branch of the elder care continuum has its unique needs and pressures. We know your market!

With expert content and Web-based tools, you distinguish yourself to your referrers and to family caregivers. From earlier referral needs of hospice, to resources for care managers to connect with elder law attorneys, you receive content marketing tools that support your strategic plan.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials. Everyone says they offer quality service, but with your educational resources, you firmly demonstrate the difference in your commitment to education. You will be the only company in your service area that can use these marketing tools.

All our products are available a la carte. But we have found the following combinations to be the most effective:

  • Premium Media Package
    Weekly blog posts on your company website, combined with Social Media Support and a Monthly Newsletter. You’ve got it all covered with a weekly blog, LinkedIn and Facebook updates, as well as print and email newsletters.
  • Social Media Package
    Monthly Newsletter with Social Media Support. Ideal for small businesses that don’t have the time or staff to manage social networking.
  • Pro Website Package
    Website with a monthly Newsletter. Our most popular package for those looking for a content-rich company website. You generate a robust Internet presence with deep content and fresh articles each month (or week if you choose the weekly blog format).

The first year fee includes

  • Branding of the site to put your name, logo, colors and contact information front and center.
  • Training so you can make changes to the text and graphics.
  • Tech support. We’re a phone call or email away.
  • Web hosting on multiple servers as needed for the specific product (Word Press and video)
  • Analytics. All our clients receive a Google Analytics account. Give us a gmail address for your login and you can view your Web traffic statistics anytime night or day.
  • Local area exclusive. Most of our products include an exclusive, meaning none of your local competitors can license our materials.

Subsequent year fees (typically much lower than Year 1) include

  • Tech support
  • Web hosting
  • Analytics
  • Maintenance of your area exclusive

Pricing is based on the products chosen, the features within them, and the population density of the area you wish to license for your exclusive. License multiple exclusive products and we’ll give you a discount on the population fee.

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