Aging Well Blog for Care Managers

Reach the “Next Generation” client with monthly blog posts

Boomers are the next cohort in need of your services.
While they don’t need the intensive support of the traditional care management client, they like to plan. They are currently healthy, tech savvy, and willing to look the process of aging head on. Boomers understand that they could at any moment fall, or have a health crisis that requires hospitalization and a need for help. They don’t want a haphazard care arrangement that lands on their kids. Many don’t even have children!

What “proactive planners” want is a knowledgeable advocate who respects their goal of an active and engaged elderhood and can advise them of their options.

The Aging Well Blog
Once a month we post an informative article on your website covering topics of interest to the proactive planner:

  • Types of care available
  • Paying for care
  • Memory and brain health
  • Driving concerns
  • Family dynamics
  • Solo aging

Each online post comes with a single-page .pdf branded with your name, logo, colors and contact information. Email the .pdf to your clients, or print and leave handouts at local ALFs, ILCs and Life Plan Communities. Send them to referrers each month to spark interest. And use them as educational handouts when you arrange a proactive planning consultation to address a specific topic of concern.

The Starter Set
Based on requests from Aging Life Care™ Managers, you receive a front-loaded Starter Set of 9 blog posts over the first 3 months. These assemble themselves into three, 2-page “superhandouts” that you can use for the most common consultations:

Aging in place

Care at home

Paying for home care

Choosing a home care provider

Long-term care

Types of LTC

Paying for LTC

Choosing an LTC facility

Creating your network

Medical emergencies

Assembling a support team

What is an Aging Life Care Manager?

Boost your credibility
With an Aging Well Blog you make it clear to older adults—and your referrers—that you are well-versed in the needs of the “young-old.”

Use for short-term consulting packages
From Aging-in-Place consultations to a 24/7 On Call Safety Net Program, you receive branded handouts that demonstrate your expertise and serve as a springboard for discussion.

Stay connected
Once a month you can email your short-term clients a link to your blog or attach that month’s .pdf. Stay graciously in touch with educational resources, building brand loyalty and a relationship based on trust and proactive planning.

Add a social media package
Reach your referrers by having us post your blogs on your professional Profile. Or connect with proactive planners via Facebook updates.


You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials

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