Blogging for You

We do the writing for you.

No time to write? We’ve got you covered, with blogs targeting two different groups.

  • Family caregivers – Highlighting the issues of older adult daughters and sons.
  • Boomers – Currently healthy older adults who recognize the importance of proactive planning. Ideal for Aging Life Care™ Managers.

Consistent posting
If you’ve ever tried to write a blog you know that intentions are good and then life gets in the way… You just can’t do everything. With our blogging service, we provide you with consistent content. You receive 300-400 words and tasteful graphics that spice up each entry.

With our background in research, you can rest assured that your blog posts are evidence-based. At the same time, we make them easy to read.

Expanded content for your website
The advantage of content marketing is that you distinguish yourself as a knowledgeable provider. With each new blog post you build credibility. Over time, you have a healthy archive that demonstrates your expertise and speaks volumes to potential clients and referrers.

Regular updates on Google
The more you update your Google My business page, the more Google will showcase your business. If you have a WordPress website with us, we can install a plugin that automatically publishes your blog posts to your Google My Business page, a great way to increase visibility without the high costs of Google Ads and monthly SEO monitoring.

Feed your Facebook. Lift your LinkedIn
Content marketing is at the heart of social media. 80% of your posts should be useful information, with only 20% outright pitching of our service. With our blog posts, you have attention-getting graphics and knowledgeable updates that demonstrate your expertise AND drive traffic back to your website.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license these resources. You become THE local expert.