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Care managers & home care companies

Here are some of the emails we have received from care managers:

“We are thrilled. Our numbers came back and with the blog and social media, they are excellent. The phones are ringing more. We couldn’t be happier.”
—Care Manager in Maryland


“Thank you ever so much for the wonderful work you do!  I truly don’t know where I’d be when it comes to the website and all that you have brought to that service… it’s been fantastic!”
— Care Manager in California


“Everything looks great and you can’t believe the sense of relief I have that you have taken over. It allows me to focus on the things I need to. So… thank you.”
—Home care owner in New Jersey


“I have been wanting to get a newsletter together for 5 years.  Obviously, I never got to it, and if I had, I could not have pulled together the finished product that you present month after month!  So thank you!  It really is helping to take us to the next level!”
— Care manager in Ohio


“For a long time I have admired the websites and newsletters of some of my colleagues. Now I come to realize that they have been working with you. I feel like I’ve entered an elite club of wise entrepreneurs.”
— Care manager in New York

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Here are excerpts from emails from our hospice clients:

“The website you created for us is a great way to reach family caregivers and physicians. It has exceeded my expectations!”
— Executive Director


“I am so excited that we are up and running so quick! Who would have ever imagined. I have been so impressed with your company.” — Vice President of Outreach


“It’s only been a few months, but our web materials have already paid for themselves 10 times over.”
— Marketing Director


“The e-library, in our opinion, is extremely valuable. Competition is fierce in our area. The fact that we have exclusive rights to this incredible resource has made the website a great tool. I highly recommend it.”
— Public Relations Manager


“This is a brilliant resource! We are so fortunate to have it available. I now have tools in my toolbox that regularly get me face time with my referrers.”
— Professional liaison


“Thank you, Mark, for talking me into this website idea. It’s the best thing we’ve done yet, and its impact is only beginning!” —Hospice CEO in email to the Marketing Director


“Just thought I would update you on the results of my first official presentation of the e-library.  I met with the clinic director of our area’s largest locally owned hospital clinics.  She is a big supporter of ours, so I wanted to take it to her first, get her input, etc.  She was very complimentary, felt the articles would be helpful, felt the resources for families were great, understood the “transition” concept, how it can help ease families into more serious conversations.  We had a great conversation.  She is taking the brochures for 8 clinics and the “User Guide” that I put together for the Medical Assistants at the desks.  She felt the table of contents was useful for docs and staff, was very glad we can provide this type of support.”
— Business Development Director


Testimonials passed along by our hospice clients:

“We just got a call today from a woman who said she picked our organization because we had the friendliest website!” — Outreach Director


“I’m very impressed. I had no idea there would be so much content on your website. The other hospice websites do not even compare…The section on Community Programs seems very useful, too… Good stuff!”
— Health System Medical Director


“My mom was at *** Nursing home in ***. We were just starting the beginning stages of working with ***Hospice***. I had researched this website– and passed it on to my brothers and sisters. A family member directed me to the “Last Days and what to expect”. I read it just hours before she slipped away. I was there with 2 other family members and your guidelines on what to say and what will happen helped me tremendously. God’s timing! I will pass this information on to friends and family that could benefit from it in the future. Thank You! May God Bless You in your work.”
— from a family caregiver


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