Multichannel Family Caregiver Guide


Cross-channel content marketing

The Family Caregiver Guide offers you five pillars of content marketing.

  • Website
    You want quality content on your site to demonstrate your expertise and stand out from the crowd.
  • Email
    You also need a way to leverage that content into educational email outreach so you can stay top of mind with customers (family caregivers) and referrers without being a sales pest.
  • Presentations
    These are the most efficient way to generate leads—ten or twenty at a time—especially when you use them to gather emails for continued contact.
  • Print media
    A brochure or handout has been shown to deliver a fourfold increase in the efficacy of “see-it-now-gone-the-next-minute” online campaigns.
  • Social media
    You can do it yourself or hire us to provide long-form blogposts and other content, helping you make better use of your time.

For the budget minded, we offer the Family Caregiver Guide with

  1. thirty online pages on topics of concern to families
  2. emails sent out twice a month
  3. a PowerPoint presentation, “When Families Disagree about Elder Care”
  4. a printable trifold brochure PDF about your educational resources

All resources are branded with your name, logo, colors, and contact information.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

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Learn more about these four marketing tools and the extra modules you can add for social media exposure.

The online guide

Imagine a full, 24/7 online library of information for family caregivers with thirty pages (nearly 50,000 words) of evidence-based information written in a warm and friendly style. Topics include

  • Insights on Aging
    Physical changes. Emotional changes. Mental changes. Your strengths. Your legacy.
  • Staying Independent
    Preventing hospitalizations and rehospitalizations. Managing medications. Preventing falls. Driving safely.
  • Memory Loss (Dementia)
    What is dementia? How dementia affects family life. Early stage of dementia. Middle stage of dementia. Late stage of dementia. Final stage of dementia. Help for families.
  • Tips and Tools for Families
    Your changing role. Coping with stress. Dealing with family. Educating yourself. Finding help.
  • Important Documents
    Finances and estate planning. Quality of life. Advance directive for health care planning. POLST (or whatever it is called in your state).

When you license the Family Caregiver Guide, you can unequivocally make the claim that you are THE local expert in family caregiving. The guide is branded with your name, logo, colors, and contact information, and you receive an area exclusive. None of your competitors can license this resource.

Use the guide when families inquire about your service. Send them a link to a relevant article as a follow-up to your meeting. Similarly with referrers. Do they have a client/family with eldercare issues? Encourage them to access the guide, or give them your brochure that describes it so they can pass it along (see trifold content-marketing brochure below).

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Twice-a-month emails

The beauty of email is that 90 percent of the work is accomplished by just landing in the inbox. Seeing your name regularly reminds the recipient about you and your expertise. With the educational focus, you are not just a spammer asking for their business. You are sharing your knowledge in a short and simple way that helps make their lives easier.

You may meet a family caregiver when they don’t yet have an urgent need for your service. But a few months later, mom falls and breaks a hip. If they have been receiving your educational resources during that time, you will be top of mind and easy to find.

In the customer’s journey toward hiring you, no one signs a contract if they have only gone to your website. They usually require a conversation by phone. Before that, most reach out and make initial inquiries by email. Providing a resource through email allows you to collect email addresses and then initiate conversations through that medium. The customer journey continues with a real-time phone call and actual contract.

When you license the Family Caregiver Guide, we provide you with online content, but also twice-a-month emails sent through Constant Contact. Each “Family Caregiving Note” highlights a topic from the guide and links clients to that page to learn more. We brand and create these emails for you and send them out on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. You can add additional information as you like.

You license an account at Constant Contact (≈$10/month for up to 500 contacts). As e-marketing providers, Constant Contact allows you to send mass emails without getting dumped into junk mail. We teach you how to collect email addresses and upload them so your list is constantly growing.

According to Stastica, a leading data analytics company, 37 percent of US consumers say that an email newsletter is likely or very likely to influence a purchase.

Put email to work for you.

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PowerPoint presentation

In the customer journey, people go through a discovery process to find you—your website, your social media account—but you can’t initiate a conversation until you have an email address and can begin a more tailored engagement. With a PowerPoint presentation, you are able to collect emails ten and twenty at a time when people sign in at the door (or register online), making presentations one of the most efficient lead-generation strategies available.

When you license the Family Caregiver Guide, you receive a PowerPoint presentation branded with your name, logo, colors, and contact information. The subject is a hot one:

When Families Disagree about Elder Care

  • The older adult: “I don’t need help. Everything is fine.”
    • Changing roles
    • Becoming a partner in care (motivational interviewing)
    • In the case of dementia
  • When siblings don’t agree
    • Family systems
    • Becoming an eldercare team

Give this presentation several times a year in various parts of your territory, perhaps sponsored by different organizations. You reach out to new audiences and receive exposure and a fresh batch of email addresses for starting the conversation.

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Trifold content-marketing brochure

Whether you are visiting a referrer, meeting with a prospect, delivering a presentation, or running an online campaign, a hard copy “leave behind” easily provides your contact with multiple views of your brand beyond that initial communication.

Printed material will knock around the office and has a longer lifetime when it’s about educational resources than when it’s directly about your services.

When you license the Family Caregiver Guide, we brand a trifold brochure about your online educational resources with your name, logo, colors, and contact information.

You can easily print it out on your home printer (laser, not inkjet) so you have on-demand access to this promotional piece whenever you meet with important contacts.

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Social media add-ons

Clients who license the Family Caregiver Guide also have the option to hire us to post for them on social media. This relieves you of having to choose a topic, download a graphic, and formulate an update several times a month. (Or worse, end up with a profile or company page that hasn’t been posted on in weeks!)

Each platform has its own audience and unique purpose for posting. We provide twice-a-month status updates or long-form blogposts to keep your content fresh and your contacts connected.

  • Long-form blogging on LinkedIn
    Did you know that 88 percent of attorneys are on LinkedIn? Or that LinkedIn skews toward wealthy professionals? (The average annual household income of LinkedIn participants is over $75,000.) Whether you are seeking to build credibility among referrers or midcareer professionals who are also trying to care for aging parents, this is the social platform that will yield the best results. LinkedIn is your 24/7 online résumé. Showcase your expertise with the upper-income audience that counts for your business. You receive two 300- to 500-word blogposts each month that show on the “Featured Article” ribbon, adding color and attention-grabbing graphics to your profile (not to mention links to your company webpage, which bumps your Google ranking).
  • Facebook updates
    Have a company page that you try to remember to post to? Not sure if it’s worth the effort? Let us remove one more thing from your to-do list by posting an educational tidbit twice a month. You affirm your knowledge of family caregiving issues while driving traffic to your brand. No more empty page with six months between posts!
  • Google Business Profile updates
    Help Google feel confident about highlighting your business by hiring us to post twice a month on your Google Business Profile. You demonstrate your expertise straight from a Google search results page. Plus, eye-catching graphics help draw attention to your company and prowess. (Don’t have a Google Business Profile? We can help!)

All social media clients receive a territory exclusive.
None of your competitors can license these resources.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license our materials.

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