Family Caregiving 101 Marketing Package

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Take advantage of National Family Caregivers Month in November
Increase your visibility to families around the time they will be visiting relatives and realizing that mom and dad need help.

Become the local expert in family caregiving
With this marketing package, you can easily show the community that you deeply understand the issues of family caregivers and are the go-to professional for eldercare guidance and support.

The presentation covers six topics former family caregivers recommend:

  • Seek information, training, and support. Medical information and skills, guidance from a professional in the field of aging, practical tips and support from other family caregivers
  • Find help for physical tasks. From family and friends, community programs, hired care
  • Look for financial support., local programs, tax deductions for families, Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Get paperwork in order. Medical records, financial overview, powers of attorney, will or trust
  • Take breaks. Family taking turns, adult day centers, respite programs, maintain a hobby, ten minutes a day doing something that is not caregiving
  • Take care of yourself. Keep up with doctor appointments and treatments, cultivate healthy habits, be alert for signs of depression, nurture your other relationships, stay connected with at least one friend

Emphasize your biopsychosocial approach and your caregiver coaching services.

This marketing package gives you everything you need for a presentation and ongoing connection with the leads you cultivate.

  • Family Caregiving 101 PowerPoint presentation
  • Branded handouts
  • Facebook promotional updates
  • Text and graphic for promotional blog or email
  • Monthly e-newsletter for family caregivers
  • Branded printready .pdf of each issue for distributing to new and existing clients
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