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Solo agers: a large and growing market

  • 22% of older adults expect they will need to be their own caregivers
  • 15.2 million older adults (and growing) have no children
  • 40% of child-free older adults have no spouse

Proactive planners with extra incentive
Solo agers have the same needs as their peers for proactive planning, but the consequences are higher if they don’t. They have challenges unique to their child-free status AND they are aware earlier that they need to make provisions for themselves.

Attractive to your referrers
In terms of lifetime revenue, currently well boomers (age 65–75) are a prime market for attorneys and wealth managers. This population is younger than your usual care management client, but they still need your expertise for planning.

And they can afford you!
Many of them can afford you (child-free older women have a net worth 28% higher than that of the average older adult. Twice as many had earned graduate and medical degrees, and they haven’t had the expenses or impediments to career growth that their parenting peers experienced.)

Become the local expert in proactive planning and solo aging
With our marketing package, you can easily show the community that you are the go-to professional for proactive planning and that you understand the special needs of solo agers.

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