Easy Consultation Scheduling

  • Looking for frictionless scheduling?
  • Seeking quicker onboarding of clients?
  • Want fewer billing hassles?

Make it easy for interested parties
to connect with you!


Easy Access Scheduling 24/7

Convenience is key when converting a shopper to a buyer. Allow interested parties to make an appointment online. No back-and-forth phone tag or emails. Your scheduling calendar is available to viewers 24/7, but only offers appointments for the days and times you have available.

Offer Phone and Zoom Consultations

With social distancing, you need to be nimble in your services and find ways to meet the needs of older adults and their families through by telephone or video conferencing. Consider putting together targeted packages that address a short term need yet also serve as an on-ramp for future long-term services.

Reduce No-shows and Billing Hassles

Phone consultations have a higher cancellation and no-show rate than in-person visits. Remove the risk while improving cash flow. With easy prepayment options, by linking your scheduling calendar with PayPal, get paid before the consult and weed out those callers who are not serious about your services.

Tech Support and Program Development

Shorten your time to market by leveraging our templates and experience. Our technology staff will get your scheduling program, calendar and PayPal accounts synced into an integrated system. We help you with program development, policy templates and marketing materials, as well as consulting kits for specific audiences.

Consulting Programs You Can Launch

Offer consultations geared to specific audiences 

No need to reinvent the wheel!
Put our years of experience to work for you.

These "kits" contain marketing materials, policy templates, and educational resources unique to the needs of older adults and their families.

You receive an area exclusive!
None of your competitors can license the kit you have.

Aging-in-Place Consultation Program

Reach Boomers who are proactively planning for their elderhood. They do not need active care management now, but they realize there may come a time when they can't do everything themselves. They like to be in control and ready with a plan. With branded handouts, you can help them understand the elder care landscape and evaluate their options relative to their resources. You also stay engaged by sending them educational articles once a month to remind them of the many other ways you might be of service.


Safety Net Program

Healthy Boomers are proud of their independence, AND they know their good health could change quickly, perhaps from a fall, a stroke, or a car accident. In such a case, what they really want is the peace of mind of having a knowledgeable expert who knows them meet them in the Emergency Room and advocate for them in their time of need. For a yearly fee, your Safety Net program gives them your availability on call, 24/7. They get established with an initial light assessment, perhaps even a goals of care session. Then each quarter you have a 15-30 minute update phone call, all part of the package. If they do have an emergency, or have a new health condition they would like help with, you can then convert them to an hourly rate client. This package includes branded monthly articles you can send them to stay in touch.

Emergency Medical Document Kit

Key to optimal care in the ER is an accurate, easy-to-read collection of documents outlining the patient's medical conditions, current medications and doctors, contact information of important family and professional support people, and the patient's advance directive. With our interactive .pdf documents you can assemble a binder for your clients as part of your Safety Net program, or independently as you come up with consultation packages that would benefit from this documentation.


Family Coronavirus Plan

Families are worried about how best to protect an aging relative. How to be prepared in case they get sick. How to reduce isolation and loneliness. Whether to move a loved one out of assisted living. If it's safe for dad to have his paid caregivers coming to the home. Even what to do if the primary family caregiver gets sick! You offer tailored phone or Zoom consultations to answer their three top concerns, improve the safety of the current situation and begin planning for likely contingencies. We provide you with educational resources, structural guidelines for such a program, and marketing templates to promote this novel service. Speed your time to market with our experience and evidence-based program materials.