Easy Online Payments

Start your project immediately!

Pay online. (Established clients are welcome to renew with these options as well!)

No Interest if paid in 6 months

You can open an account at PayPal Credit. All you need to do is enter your date of birth and last 4 digits of your social security number on their secure form and they will have a credit response back within minutes.

Buy now, pay later. There is a minimum monthly payment required, but it is not generally as high as 1/6 of the borrowed amount. As long as you pay off the balance within 6 months, they will not charge you interest.

You can get started with us immediately.
No risk that your territory will be licensed by someone else if you wait!

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Pay with PayPal

If you want to pay via PayPal or will be using PayPal Credit, create your account with them first, then email us and we will send you a special invoice from PayPal.

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Pay by Credit Card

You do not need to open a PayPal account. Just your regular credit card will do. As soon as we have a scan of your signed contract, and notification of payment, we can get you started!

When you get to the PayPal page, just enter the amount owing in the “Price per item” field (where the green circle is) in the screenshot below.



Then Click Continue and you will be taken to a second page, where you can click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” (where the purple circle is in the screenshot below). This last click will take you to a secure credit card form.


Depending on your credit card, the entry on your statement will be listed as ELDERPAGES or ELDERPAGESONLINE.

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