Scheduling Prepaid Consultations

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Make it easy to connect with you!

  • Looking for a new way to do business?
  • Seeking easier onboarding of clients?
  • Want fewer billing hassles?

The pandemic has forced all of us to look at working in new ways. While the physical assessment will always be the gold standard of Aging Life Care™ Managers, there are many contexts in which a phone consult or a Zoom meeting can do quite well:

  • A Family Coronavirus Plan – A coronavirus strategy session with family caregivers needing guidance about current conditions and some pre-planning about the many contingencies they need to be ready for.
  • A free 15-minute, get-acquainted call – Your introductory sales call without the phone tag beforehand. Using an online calendar removes the barriers to entry at the beginning of your “sales funnel.” Interested parties can easily get a sense of your empathy and expertise without the frustrations of phone tag trying to find a mutually amenable meeting time. It’s low risk on both your parts and gives you the ability to describe the services you offer (e.g., assessment and care plan, any of the packages described below) that would meet the caller’s needs.

Give them a taste of your services
Think of it as an appetizer as opposed to a 5 course meal. For many, the prospect of an hourly rate with an infinite tab is too scary. After all, they may not have ever heard about an Aging Life Care Manager. But if they can get an experience of your services in a finite, cost-controlled context—once they “taste” the relief you can provide—then they are much more willing to engage you for ongoing services.

Easy to schedule, low-risk, prepaid offerings
Below are technology modules and resource packages we have developed to assist you in creating these “little tastes” that can serve as the appetizers to your full course meal.

The technology: Zoom and telephone consultations

Make it easier and make it faster to connect with you—and get paid!

Convenience is key when bringing in new clients and generating billable hours. And even better when they can pay you ahead of time for the services they want.

Reduce phone tag and improve your sign-on ratio
Perhaps you simply wish to make it easier for prospective clients to schedule time to find out more about your services.

Data show that the sooner a prospect can connect with you after they discover your website, the more likely they are to contract for your services.

The quicker the response, the greater the chance they sign on with you

What can be easier than allowing them at midnight—when they are searching, worried about Mom—to make a 15-minute get-acquainted appointment for the next day if you have an opening?

No more intending to call in the morning, but forgetting…

No more back-and-forth scheduling emails. “I have these three openings” and by the time they respond, those are gone and you have to pick a new set further out. In the interim, they may have lost interest, and you lose a sale.

Syncing with your calendar, you determine your openings.
They pick from what’s available.

  • Post your consultation offerings on a branded scheduling webpage we create for you. Or include a link to the type of appointment you are offering in an email (Free 15-minute get-acquainted call. Or a one hour paid consult…).
  • They determine which day or time works for them and schedule the appointment in real time. (Because Calendly meshes with your calendar, if you have something already booked, the prospective client will not see an opening there. Conversely, once they book an appointment, it will automatically appear in your Google or Outlook calendar so you do not double-book.)

Reduce no-shows and billing hassles.
Short-term, 60- and 90-minute phone consults are a great way to let hesitant but potential new clients connect with you while you receive at least some financial compensation for your time. It’s convenient for both of you. And if there’s a fit, you can use the consult as an onramp to other services.

But phone consults have a high cancellation and no-show rate.

When you require and facilitate prepayment, you remove the risk on your part and weed out those callers who are not serious about your counsel.

We help you integrate the Calendly program with your PayPal account and your bank account. For prepaid consultations, once a prospective client has found a time that will work for them, they cannot complete the scheduling without going to PayPal and entering a credit card number or paying via PayPal or debit card.

We also help you develop a thorough cancellation and refund policy.

Shorten your time to market by leveraging our:

Technology assistance
Creation of up to six online scheduling options (“events”) using special scheduling software (Calendly)

  • a free 15-minute, get-acquainted appointment
  • 60-minute paid consultation
  • 90-minute paid consultation
  • three open options tailored to your needs
    (e.g., a Family Coronavirus Plan)
  • integration with your personal digital calendar, a PayPal account, your bank, and Zoom
  • a branded page if you would like one at [yourcompanyname] where you describe your offerings, post links to your scheduling calendar, and upload policies and onboarding documents. View a sample.

Program development with Tasha Beauchamp, MSc
Three 90-minute meetings help you

  • define and price your program(s)
  • develop refund policies for prepayment
  • distill your vision into concise verbiage
  • create pathways for onboarding participants into long-term clients
  • strategize for marketing your offering(s)
  • ability to add other packages (Family Coronavirus Plan, Well Senior Plan …)

What you will need

  • A Calendly Pro account ($15/mo). We can set this up for you.
  • Your own digital calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar …)
  • A Zoom Pro account ($15/mo) if desired
  • A PayPal business account (No installation charge. Fees are ≈3% of the amount that gets charged)

Cost: $800 one-time installation by Elder Pages Online, LLC.

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Kit for a Family Coronavirus Plan

Families are worried!

Even those that live in the same town as their older relative are struggling with issues about safety, supplies, communication, monitoring, and what to do if their older loved one—or they themselves!—get sick.

Sadly, COVID-19 is not going away any time soon. It will be with us in varying degrees until we have both a treatment and a vaccine.

Connect with referrers

“Do your clients have a Family Coronavirus Plan?”

Ask the attorneys, financial planners and bank trust officers in your  network whether their clients have a Family Coronavirus Plan. Chances are they know several who need exactly what you are offering. With a phone or Zoom consultation, you are uniquely suited to provide this service, even in the midst of shelter-in-place orders.

Add a Family Coronavirus Plan module to your product line to:

  • provide timely advice and support within the context of social distancing
  • educate your community about care management (sample press release included in the kit)
  • increase your billable hours and gain a new onramp for clients
  • stand out to referrers (you receive an area exclusive)

Shorten your time to market by leveraging our

Technology assistance
Branded educational handouts and over 40 curated links to credible resources, plus creation of Coronavirus specific Calendly events

  • Addition of a Coronavirus Resources page
  • Calendly event for Family Coronavirus Plan call
  • Calendly event for additional research to augment Family Coronavirus Plan
  • Integration with your personal digital calendar, a PayPal account and Zoom.

Program development with Tasha Beauchamp, MSc

  • developing and pricing your Family Coronavirus Plan package
  • crafting refund and cancellation policies
  • creating a marketing plan

Supportive materials
Handouts and curated links on topics such as

  • communicating with a loved one in the era of social distancing
  • safely caring for someone who is sick
  • supplies for the sick room
  • advance care planning and COVID

Marketing templates

  • “What is a Family Coronavirus Plan? flyer template
  • sample press release, blog, email messages and social media updates with graphics to promote your new service

What you will need

  • Our prepaid Zoom and telephone consultation program

Cost: $200/year (We hope there is no need to renew in 2021!) Available only as an add-on to our prepaid Zoom and telephone consultation program 

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