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Webinars & face-to-face content marketing

Presentations are consistently in the top 5 marketing strategies of any elder care organization. Since the pandemic, more and more providers are delivering their content by Zoom, a convenient way for you to reach a broader audience.

We make it easy!

Professional graphics
No more boring bullet-point presentations! We’ve done the searches and found high-quality photography and graphics to illustrate the content.

Animated slides
Add just enough spice for professional polish. Not too much (you don’t want to make people dizzy!), but just enough sizzle to distinguish you as an elegantly state-of-the-art professional.

Evidence-based content
All the topics and suggestions are based on current research. (We even include referenced citations in the Speaker Notes we give you.)

10WarningSignsHandoutsNotes and handouts
Print out the PDFs and you will have a guideline for what to say about each slide and handouts ready for the attendees.

Branded with your name, logo, and colors
Put your brand on this PowerPoint so every slide and every page of every handout has your colors and contact information.

Plug and play
Download the zip file, double-click, and you are ready to go.

PowerPoint presentations are not an exclusive product.

Presentations currently available:

Signs Your Parent May Need Help

Adult daughters and sons worry about their parents and the changes that come with aging. These family caregivers are looking for perspective to understand what is serious and what is not.

Based on Administration on Aging 
Evidence-based! The presentation features the 10 warning signs outlined by the AoA. With adaptations from the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Automobile Association, this presentation gives you the ability to draw in family members—key decision makers in elder care—and point them in the direction of an assessment, the first step in a long-lasting professional relationship.

Topics covered

  1. Eating
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Skin health
  4. Mobility
  5. Driving
  6. Money
  7. Mood
  8. Socializing
  9. Forgetfulness
  10. Reasoning

Includes PowerPoint file, PDF of speaker’s notes, and a PDF for attendee handouts

  • $100 branded with your name, logo, colors and contact information

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