Branded Handouts

For Facebook ads, prospect packets, support in the field

Exclusive for our newsletter customers
Your monthly newsletter comes with an online archive of past issues, over 400 articles on a wide variety of subjects. In response to customer requests, we have assembled a variety of single-topic handouts that consist of three articles on the subject to help you:

  • demonstrate your expertise
  • gather email addresses for further promotions
  • deliver presentations and webinars
  • close the sale

As we do with your monthly printready .pdf, we brand this handout with your name, logo, company colors and contact information. You get the .pdf file and for as long as you license the newsletter, can print out an unlimited number of hard copies.

Ease of use for staff
While these handouts can be used for marketing purposes (e.g., Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month in June; COPD Awareness Month in November) and Facebook ads, they are also fine supplements to your clinical care. The Handout Index (looking much like this page), allows you to make .pdfs readily available to your staff. You can either download them your Intranet or shared server, or give staff access to the Index page so they can download .pdfs as needed.


  • Year 1 is $400 to license the content, brand the handouts, set up the Handout Index page and pay for up to 200 .pdf downloads.
  • Renewals beginning Year 2 are $200/year to cover hosting and maintenance of the index page, addition of new handouts, and payment for up to 200 .pdf downloads. (If client anticipates more downloads than this, another pricing structure can be arranged.)

Handouts cover these categories:

Care Settings Handouts

Services for care at home: A quick guide [PDF]

  • Private pay (out of pocket)
  • Community programs
  • Services paid for by Medicare

When staying at home isn’t an option [PDF]

  • When should you choose a skilled nursing facility?
  • What is "assisted living"?
  • What is a memory unit?

Common Conditions Handouts

Preventing Colds and Flu [PDF]

  • Preparing ahead of time
  • It's flu season
  • Preventing pneumonia

Living with COPD [PDF]

  • Preventing flare-ups
  • COPD warning signs
  • Sing a song for COPD

Is your loved one depressed? [PDF]

  • When depression goes untreated
  • Treating depression

Living with Heart Failure [PDF]

  • Avoiding crises with heart failure
  • Addressing Fatigue
  • Reducing Salt

Kidney Disease and Dialysis [PDF]

  • The decision to start dialysis
  • Medical management without dialysis
  • The decision to stop dialysis

Osteoporosis: Strengthen bones. Prevent falls. [PDF]

  • Signs of osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis: What you can do
  • Addressing the risk of a fall

Living with Parkinson’s Disease [PDF]

  • Dietary tips to ease common problems
  • Fighting Parkinson's with exercise
  • Communication challenges

After a stroke: Movement and coordination [PDF]

  • Emotions following a stroke
  • When therapy is a workout
  • What is an occupational therapist?

After a stroke: Problems with speech and swallowing [PDF]

  • The emotional effects of a stroke
  • Communicating despite aphasia
  • What is a speech therapist?

Dementia Handouts

Worried Dad might have dementia? [PDF]

  • Consider MCI (mild cognitive impairment)
  • Talking about brain health
  • What's in an Alzheimer's test?

Living with early-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Balancing safety and independence
  • Dementia and advance care planning
  • The ability to make decisions

Living with mid-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Avoiding the "War of the Wardrobe"
  • Mealtime and dementia
  • Bathing and dementia

Living with late-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Visits and meaningful activities
  • Music: The universal language
  • Nonverbal signs of pain

Living with final-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Dad can't brush his teeth
  • Frequent infections
  • Hallucinations

Dementia: Difficult situations [PDF]

  • Embarrassing behaviors
  • Distraction techniques
  • "Lie to my mom?"

Wandering [PDF]

  • How to discourage wandering
  • Preparing for a safe return
  • Engaging activities

Dementia and communication [PDF]

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Repetitive questions

End-of-Life and Grief (Hospice) Handouts

Health care planning [PDF]

  • The advance directive
  • Choosing a decision maker
  • If you are chosen

Health care planning and the POLST [PDF]

  • The advance directive
  • Choosing a decision maker
  • The POLST

Suppose they don’t get better… [PDF]

  • Transitioning from curative care
  • Writing the last chapter

When death is near [PDF]

  • How you can help
  • Immediately after a death

Once your loved one has died [PDF]

  • Waves of emotions
  • What to do after a death
  • Eventual reentry

Fall Prevention Handouts

Preventing falls [PDF]

  • Maintaining balance
  • A home safety review
  • Balance exercises

Independence: Staying mobile on your feet [PDF]

  • Start a safe walking routine
  • When Dad resists a walker
  • If Mom is afraid of falling again

Family Caregiving Handouts

When a loved one needs help [PDF]

  • 10 warning signs
  • What help is needed?
  • Getting realistic. Creating a team.

“I don’t need help!” [PDF]

  • Cost and Control
  • Privacy and Pride

Caring from a distance [PDF]

  • Four long-distance strategies
  • Easing the disruption of travel
  • Visits: More than just business

Conquering guilt. Becoming resilient. [PDF]

  • The resilient family caregiver
  • Too much empathy?
  • Setting limits, nicely

Changing your mind about stress [PDF]

  • When circumstances are beyond your control
  • Working smarter
  • Living with uncertainty

Avoiding burnout [PDF]

  • Stress or burnout?
  • Preventing burnout
  • Take a break: Options for respite

Common caregiving emotions: Worry, anger, negativity [PDF]

  • Curb your negative thinking
  • "Sometimes I feel furious!"
  • When worrying doesn't stop

Caregiving Holiday Blues [PDF]

  • Coping with the holiday blues
  • Addressing your losses
  • Supporting others in grief

Staying positive [PDF]

  • Adding humor to caregiving
  • The habit of happiness
  • Focus on the rewards of caregiving

Managing money [PDF]

  • What you need to know
  • Tips and helpful tools
  • Starting the conversation

Medication Concerns [PDF]

  • Drug Misuse
  • Managing Chronic Pain
  • Pain in Serious Illness

Hospitalizations Handouts

Hospitalizations: Before you go [PDF]

  • Choosing a hospital? Look to the stars
  • Preparing for a hospital stay
  • If you are the "health care proxy"

Hospitalizations: During your stay [PDF]

  • Walking your way out of the hospital
  • Keeping a clear mind
  • Advocating for a good night's sleep

Hospitalizations: Coming home [PDF]

  • Making the transition
  • Medication review
  • The post-discharge appointment