Consulting Packages

Tasha Beauchamp, MSc

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These packages come with

  • evidence-based educational resources
  • two hours of strategic planning with webmaster Tasha Beauchamp
  • promotional materials, such as letters to referrers, blog posts, flyers, and Facebook and LinkedIn updates

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Consultation Program Kits

Aging-in-place consultation program

Reach boomers who are proactively planning for their later years. They do not need active care management now, but they realize there may come a time when they can't do everything themselves. With branded handouts, you help them understand the eldercare landscape and evaluate their options relative to their resources. You also stay engaged by sending them educational articles once a month to remind them of the many other ways you might be of service.


24/7 On-call Safety Net program

Healthy boomers know their good health could change with a fall, a stroke, a car accident. What they want is peace of mind, knowing an expert in aging will meet them in the ER and advocate for them in their time of need. For a yearly fee, your Safety Net program gives them your availability on call, 24/7. This package includes branded handouts you can send them every month to stay in touch.

Hospital discharge and planned surgery

Busy families are often unprepared and unable to quickly maneuver to get a loved one home from the hospital and set up with the new medications—let alone make the follow-up appointment that is critical to avoiding a readmission.

Similarly, preparation ahead of a planned surgery can go a long way toward a smooth recovery at home.

These hospital-based packages provide a taste of your services and open the door for a longer term contract.


Coronavirus Planning

For solo seniors and for families worried about an older relative, this package gives you the materials you need to help them plan for the many possible contingencies presented by this novel virus. Strategize for caring at home, caring at a facility, addressing hospitalization, and even for planning should the supportive family caregiver get sick. This package comes with a curated page of over 40 resources and promotional templates for flyers, attorney letters, and a press release.

You receive an area exclusive!
None of your local competitors can license our materials.