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ClarkNewGMBFormatMake it easy for Google to find you

Over 80% of searches are initiated on Google. Whether the person is looking for services generally or has heard your company name and wants to find out more about you, their first stop is to go to Google.

But Google’s information is only as accurate as what the bots can glean from the Web. And Google pays special attention to the information it has received from a Google My Business page.

Google My Business page
Help Google find your business and accurately display your correct information. A Google My Business page is your portal to telling Google what you do and the area you serve. Keep your contact information current and make it eye catching and easy for the searcher to find your website.

Photos – reviews – 5-star ratings
When you complete a Google My Business page, you give Google the information it needs to feature your business in a panel on the right-hand side of the search result page when people Google your name. With photos, reviews and ratings, you create an immediately appealing portrait of your business that encourages people to click. They can even tap from a mobile phone and call you directly.


Appearing on page 1
Without paid advertising or pay-per-click, it’s very difficult to appear on the first page of a Google search result. While no one can guarantee non-paid “organic” search rankings, with a Google My Business page you can increase the likelihood that your business will appear in the the local “three pack” on the first page or in Google Map searches.

Increasing your visibility
You have the power to improve your ranking, with no extra charge. Encourage your happy clients to give you a star rating and leave comments. It’s easy. We’ll show you how. Client reviews and star ratings appear on the right-hand side of a search result when someone Googles your company name.


  • $300, one-time fee. Includes an audit to discover confusing duplicate or unverified pages that reduce your visibility to Google, creation of a Google My Business page and a brief tutorial about how to get reviews and star ratings.

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The Google My Business page is not an exclusive product.