Job opening: Lead Writer/Researcher

Elder Pages Online is a publishing company that creates syndicated newsletters and blogs for eldercare professionals. Our clients include Aging Life Care Managers®, home care companies and hospices. We have two publications:

  • A monthly newsletter of three articles (≈300-400 words) for family caregivers, primarily adult daughters and sons. See the current issue and list of past articles (all the way back to January 2009!)
  • A monthly 400-500 word blog for “Proactive Planners,” currently-well boomers who do not yet need the intensive services of a care manager, but could benefit from periodic consultations. In addition to outreach to the “young old,” this is a networking tool for care managers to connect with referrers (who are also courting proactive planners). And certainly is an excellent resource for establishing relationships with older adults early on so when health problems do arise, it’s an easy transition to more conventional care management.

The Lead Writer/Researcher takes each topic, gathers credible (usually online) research and consolidates it into a relatively short (300-500 word) first draft article that is easy-to-read (9th grade level). We are the Cliff Notes of elder care! 

Our company is known for its evidence-based content, thus research must be substantiated and come from credible sources. (We have a thorough list of good sources to consider.) Once every 3-4 months, the Lead Writer meets with the Editor and the Publishing Coordinator to create the editorial calendar.

We have a robust publishing team who have been working together for years. 

You have lots of support! The team:

  • Editor: Works with the Lead Writer to choose the topics for the editorial calendar, and then is the first person to edit each article.
  • Professional reviewers: We have a social worker and a nurse review each article to be sure that the research jives with daily practice in the field. They often weigh in on preferred graphics.
  • Copy editor. We follow the Chicago Style. Our copy editor makes sure that all our publications have correct punctuation, capitalization, etc.
  • Data entry. Our data entry person inserts and broadcasts the articles to all our clients around the country.

Aria Mikkola-Sears is the Publishing Coordinator. Aria sets the timeline and is the one to send out text to the next person on the line up. She also receives the edited text, incorporates feedback, and then prepares the document for the next editor. She makes the final selection for the graphic for each article.

Pay: $500 per article.

Credit: This is a work-for-hire project, meaning the copyright is owned by Elder Pages Online. In addition, as syndicated material, there is no published author byline on the articles. You can publicly reveal you are the Lead Writer/Researcher for our publications, in person and on your website. In addition, you will receive credit and a description on the About Us page of the Elder Pages Online website.