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Put your name, logo and colors on these print and online materials
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Support family caregivers with evidence-based information

  • Prevention and caring
  • Daily life and social distancing
  • Communication strategies
  • Advance care planning
  • Weighing risks of social gatherings
  • Public health data

Become the local expert on
family caregiving
during the pandemic

Your marketing reps may be grounded, but you can still stay top of mind giving your referrers access to branded resources for family caregivers.

Handouts address daily life issues

Plus you receive a branded webpage curated with over 40 links to resources useful for families and older adults managing daily life in these distressing times.

What's in it?

Over 40 curated links

Provide credible, evidence-based information to help your referrers, staff, and family caregivers with issues of home-based care and quality of life.

Branded, printable handouts

Put your name, logo and colors on a quarterly newsletter for families. Issues so far cover:
- Caring for someone with COVID
- Daily life in context of COVID
- Grandparenting safely

Social media updates

Use excerpts to drive traffic to your brand. Numerous tips and topics make it easy to stay top of mind as the local experts in serious illness and family caregiving.

Ready to give your
marketing team a boost?

Stay top of mind with referrers and your community.
Position yourselves as the experts in supporting family caregivers.

For $300 you receive a 6-month license to these resources.

None of your competitors can license them.

Your campaign can be ready to launch in 1-2 weeks.

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