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The Customer Journey: Meet them where they are

Do you have the tools you need for each step of the Customer Journey? Learn more about the stages of the marketing and sales cycle and how you can meet potential customers where they are and appropriately guide them forward to the next stage.

The Unwelcome Holiday Surprise

Many adult children come back from a holiday visit distressed by the visible decline in their parents. Perhaps normally tidy Mom was disheveled, or even unbathed. Maybe Dad’s mail is piling up, including unpaid bills. A ride as a passenger revealed a parent’s misjudgments as a driver. And what about those new dents in the car? “Oh, just a little fender bender….”

None of these problems were evident during phone calls or zoom sessions. But during an in-person visit, they became quite obvious.

Get ready for the “Holiday Rush”

Join me as Cathy Cress’ guest for her free webinar Tuesday 11/16: Getting Ready for the “Holiday Rush”.
Experienced care managers will tell you that the week after Thanksgiving and the weeks after Christmas and New Years, the phones start ringing. Families have come back from a holiday visit and been shocked to realize the decline in their parents’ health or functioning.

This is the care manager equivalent of Christmas for retailers.
And like a retailer, you would be wise to get ready and be very “discoverable” as these potential clients look for answers.

Why you need to cultivate Google Reviews

Did you know that 66% of consumers consider online reviews an essential part of the decision-making process? 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust the recommendation of a friend? 80% of consumers say they only trust businesses with a four-star average or higher? Furthermore, the quantity and quality of your reviews…

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Elder Care SEO: The Google My Business Page

Everyone wants to land on page 1 of a search result. And even better, to have photos and other visually juicy eye candy that draws attention to your listing over anyone else’s. Fortunately you can do that yourself, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

How COVID ready are your local long-term care facilities?

Usually I blog about marketing topics, but this month I decided to share research I have been doing about the relative safety of long-term care facilities. According to the COVID Tracking Project, residents of long-term care facilities make up only 1% of the US population, yet they have accounted for 34% of all COVID deaths….

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Newsletters & E-newsletters vs Blogs

In my previous blogpost I wrote about the pros and cons of blogging for eldercare businesses. This post concentrates on the newsletter side of the equation. Newsletter advantages There are many reasons you might choose to create a newsletter over a blog. The flexibility of its formats are hard to beat: print, email and online….

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Blog or Newsletter?

Content marketing is all about sharing your expertise as a way to get your brand in front of clients and referrers. It is not about sales. It is about offering insights and education to your community as a way to build name recognition and brand loyalty. You may be most familiar with community presentations as…

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Building Your Home Care Employer Brand: Purpose

In your quest to attract the best and most dedicated employees, talent development innovator The Muse suggests you project an employer brand that reflects the 3 Ps: People: How you celebrate your staff. How you create a feeling of belonging. Path: How your company supports continued learning. Purpose: The meaning behind the work. How your…

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