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Marketing Palliative Care: Do you need a separate brand?

One doesn’t drop one’s cherished branding on a whim. There are clearly pluses and minuses to setting up a separate brand for your palliative care program. But research reveals some pretty compelling pluses! What’s in a name? Let’s start with these data from a study done at MC Anderson and published in The Oncologist. As…

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Palliative Care Marketing: More than “NOT Hospice”

When explaining palliative care, it’s tempting to compare and contrast it to hospice. But research from the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) indicates that defining palliative care in the context of how it differs from hospice only muddies the waters. Palliative care programs need to stand on their own and define themselves independently. How…

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Sweet memories of my mother

This was taken two weeks ago, which was two days before she died. She kept wanting to entertain the nurses with her stories but was having trouble tracking her thoughts, so everyone in the room closed our eyes and “took a nap together” so she could rest.  We were able to move her back home…

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