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I have had the pleasure of working with Elder Pages Online on several occasions. I appreciate their knowledge of the Aging Life Care Profession, their professionalism and their keen sense of how to represent my companies in the most informative light. The combined skill sets of Tasha, Ben & Aria provide services that would take several agencies to fill if I were to go elsewhere. Thank you.
cindy greer
cindy greer
If you are working in the wonderful world of the Senior Care Industry, like I have been for over 15 years, and need a new website or just want to ramp up your LinkedIn profile or Google Business page, I can honestly say the team (Tasha, Ben & Aria) at Elder Pages Online GETS IT! I have never had a company take such an interest and deep dive into researching and understanding my senior move management business like they have. The writing, digital marketing and technical expertise is incredible! The thing about Elder Pages Online, is that they REALLY CARE about getting it right and putting your companies best foot forward, digitally speaking. The thing about working with them is they helped me look at my company with a fresh new perspective! I could not be happier and so excited about our new look and approach!
Don't hesitate to engage w/ Tasha, Aria & Ben from ElderPages OnLine! Superb content. Great suggestions. Well-thought out, researched, organized, comprehensive, purposeful campaigns. I should have started w/ them sooner!
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez
I am a new Aging Life Care Professional who was starting a Solo practice and needed to create a website. I have an MBA degree so I had an idea of how I wanted my website to look but what I did not have was the time to put it all together. I hired Elder Pages to create the website and they did not disappoint! All I gave them was a vision board that I created and they were able to make my vision come to life. I was so impressed and grateful. They saved me so much time. I was then able to use that time towards growing the business. What made the process easier was that they already understood Care Management (Aging Life Care) so I did not have to spend time explaining the business to them. I would highly recommend this business for anyone in the Aging Life Care Profession who would like to have their website created and/or managed for them. P.S. save even more time and purchase their blog package....its EXCELLENT!!
Being a new owner of a Care Management Company, I was lost when it came to a website and how to put it together and manage it. Your website is a key ingredient in marketing, so I turned to Tasha for help. She has made this journey so easy with her patience, organization and knowledge. I don't know what I would have done without her. I love my new website! Thank you Tasha!
Bridget Ritossa
Bridget Ritossa
Tasha is skilled at producing quality pieces. Her artistic style is beautiful and her materials speaks well to her audience. . Thank you Tasha.
Callie Walston
Callie Walston
I wanted to leave a review for Elder Pages/Serious Illness/Tasha B and her team.... we have worked with this group for over 10 years to build brand awareness and consistency across our markets. Working for a non-profit we are sometimes challenged with a mighty caseload and a small team, but having Elder Pages by our side we have been able to maximize our efforts, complete projects that may have seemed impossible to conquer without their teamwork and support and find ways to further support our teams who support so many patients and families challenged by a serious illness. Elder Pages commitment to innovation is extraordinary and I have truly valued their willingness to come to us with new ideas, new products and new resources to best support our patients and families. If I could give the work they do to support non-profit hospice organizations ten stars, I would!
Malissa Harris
Malissa Harris
Elder Pages Online is wonderful. I am a Care Manager and the website and educational material have been such a useful resource for myself but also my clients. Tasha is very invested in her clients and has been very easy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and an expert that shares her information to better everyone around her.
laurence reuben
laurence reuben
Tasha and her team at Elder Pages n Line has proven to be a unique creative, very innovative, and exceptionally detail oriented!!She is a gifted intuit, translating my dream and vision into an industry leading professional web site and platform, that showcases my business in the best possible light. The web design reflects industry leading trends, communicating our knowledge, compassion, and leadership with bold confidence seamlessly integrated throughout. Working with Tasha is joyful as her professional relationship is awe inspiring. I highly recommend Tasha and her team. 5 stars for customer service satisfaction.
Angela Ashton
Angela Ashton
I am so grateful that I connected with Tasha and her team at Elder Pages Online as I was just starting my care management practice. Her knowledge and expertise in this field is outstanding. She helped me develop a clear and professional web page and online presence from the start. I credit Elder Pages Online for much of my rapid growth and success.
Elder Pages Online has exceeded my expectations. As a solo practitioner, time has been my biggest constraint. Tasha and the team were really patient with me throughout the process and helped any way they could to meet deadlines. The quality of service provided by Elder Pages Online is everything that geriatric care managers need to take their practice to the next level. I'm beyond happy and grateful for their support and great service!!!!
I have been a client for 8+ years. I consistently get compliments from clients about the newsletters, but today I had an incoming client praise the website as the most easily navigated of the many that she had visited; as well as being grateful to sign up for a complimentary phone call using our Calendly link. As supporting our clients and their families is our highest goal, ElderPages has been the partner who has helped us to achieve that. Kudos!
Heidi Brown
Heidi Brown
Elder Pages Online has been an excellent investment in my business. As a small business owner, I am fully responsible for the success of my geriatric care management practice. Elder Pages Online is accomplishing exactly what I wanted to achieve: elevating my brand and opening new doors.Tasha and the team are kind, professional, responsive and easy to work with.I have been exceptionally pleased in their flexibility and my ability to personalize my monthly digital newsletter.5 stars, for sure!!!
Karen Jan
Karen Jan
Tasha has been with me since day 1 when I was researching and making decisions about starting my company. She provided the guidance needed from the development of my website, to marketing ideas, to looking at analytics. Her expertise helped me to successfully re-brand my business when I expanded my services. She is always responsive to my needs and consistently provides me with the support I need. Thank you Tasha - I could not have done this without you!
Bob Bacheler
Bob Bacheler
Good content marketing is critical to any company's success. I have been an admirer of the content Tasha creates for a number of years. Tasha has established herself as the expert in content marketing for elder care professionals.
Marsha Raines
Marsha Raines
Meeting Tasha at an Aging Life Care Association annual conference several years ago was instrumental to bringing my business into the modern age of social media! Tasha truly understands the challenges care managers face and the work that we do. Her expertise in web design helped me develop a fantastic web site that truly reflects my mission and services. The E-Library Tasha developed as a research scientist has helped me establish credibility and is an easy-to- use tool for educational presentations. Consistent, reliable postings to my social media accounts have saved me time, effort and allows me the opportunity to stick to what I do best, helping elders and care giving families! Best of all, Tasha and her team are so very patient and kind and always make the time to answer my questions in a manner that I can sincerely understand! If you are an Aging Life Care Professional and want to partner with someone who can help you grow your business, turn to Tasha! You will not be disappointed.

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Care managers & home care companies

Here are some of the emails we have received from care managers:

“We are thrilled. Our numbers came back and with the blog and social media, they are excellent. The phones are ringing more. We couldn’t be happier.”
—Care Manager in Maryland


“Thank you ever so much for the wonderful work you do!  I truly don’t know where I’d be when it comes to the website and all that you have brought to that service… it’s been fantastic!”
— Care Manager in California


“Everything looks great and you can’t believe the sense of relief I have that you have taken over. It allows me to focus on the things I need to. So… thank you.”
—Home care owner in New Jersey


“I have been wanting to get a newsletter together for 5 years.  Obviously, I never got to it, and if I had, I could not have pulled together the finished product that you present month after month!  So thank you!  It really is helping to take us to the next level!”
— Care manager in Ohio


“For a long time I have admired the websites and newsletters of some of my colleagues. Now I come to realize that they have been working with you. I feel like I’ve entered an elite club of wise entrepreneurs.”
— Care manager in New York

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Here are excerpts from emails from our hospice clients:

“The website you created for us is a great way to reach family caregivers and physicians. It has exceeded my expectations!”
— Executive Director


“I am so excited that we are up and running so quick! Who would have ever imagined. I have been so impressed with your company.” — Vice President of Outreach


“It’s only been a few months, but our web materials have already paid for themselves 10 times over.”
— Marketing Director


“The e-library, in our opinion, is extremely valuable. Competition is fierce in our area. The fact that we have exclusive rights to this incredible resource has made the website a great tool. I highly recommend it.”
— Public Relations Manager


“This is a brilliant resource! We are so fortunate to have it available. I now have tools in my toolbox that regularly get me face time with my referrers.”
— Professional liaison


“Thank you, Mark, for talking me into this website idea. It’s the best thing we’ve done yet, and its impact is only beginning!” —Hospice CEO in email to the Marketing Director


“Just thought I would update you on the results of my first official presentation of the e-library.  I met with the clinic director of our area’s largest locally owned hospital clinics.  She is a big supporter of ours, so I wanted to take it to her first, get her input, etc.  She was very complimentary, felt the articles would be helpful, felt the resources for families were great, understood the “transition” concept, how it can help ease families into more serious conversations.  We had a great conversation.  She is taking the brochures for 8 clinics and the “User Guide” that I put together for the Medical Assistants at the desks.  She felt the table of contents was useful for docs and staff, was very glad we can provide this type of support.”
— Business Development Director


Testimonials passed along by our hospice clients:

“We just got a call today from a woman who said she picked our organization because we had the friendliest website!” — Outreach Director


“I’m very impressed. I had no idea there would be so much content on your website. The other hospice websites do not even compare…The section on Community Programs seems very useful, too… Good stuff!”
— Health System Medical Director


“My mom was at *** Nursing home in ***. We were just starting the beginning stages of working with ***Hospice***. I had researched this website– and passed it on to my brothers and sisters. A family member directed me to the “Last Days and what to expect”. I read it just hours before she slipped away. I was there with 2 other family members and your guidelines on what to say and what will happen helped me tremendously. God’s timing! I will pass this information on to friends and family that could benefit from it in the future. Thank You! May God Bless You in your work.”
— from a family caregiver


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