“Express webinars”—most of the benefits, half the work

We’re heading into holiday season with all the usual hubbub. But for Aging Life Care® Professionals, the holidays bring an added dimension.

This is when families call in shock at how much their loved ones have declined since last year’s visit.

It’s boom time for care managers between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Are you ready? What can you do to make it easy to find you?

Put on a webinar!

No time?

Skip the strain of driving traffic to a specific day. Skip the registration and reminder setup.

Create an “express webinar” instead:

  • Record yourself on Zoom “giving a presentation” on a pertinent topic such as 10 Warning Signs Your Loved One May Need Help. Nobody needs to know there is no audience.
  • Set up a survey form requiring name and email address. (You can try requiring a phone number, but fewer people will fill out the form.) On the Thank You page, post the link to your recording. Constant Contact and MailChimp make this easy.
  • Starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving, boost your “webinar recording” on Facebook with posts about common worries you hear following the holidays. Target women age 45–65 who are in the top 10%–20% of household income and live within 10–25 miles of your location. Mention your free webinar recording and include a link to the form. (Usually I don’t suggest Facebook boosting, but since you will be getting email addresses out of it, it’s worth the cost to get out in front of several hundred potential clients in that unique demographic. They aren’t easy to find by other methods! See our webinar on webinars to learn why.)
  • Follow up with a tailored email. “I hope you found our webinar helpful. It can be scary to realize how much has changed with a loved one—things you wouldn’t know by Zoom visits or a phone call. We can help you gain perspective and make plans to support them appropriately. With a full assessment and care plan …”
  • Add them to your e-newsletter list. This way you can build awareness and brand loyalty. If they don’t hire you concerning this issue, they will at least get to know you better over time so you will be a more trusted resource when they have an urgent need. (Again, see the webinar to learn why building trust with regular monthly follow-up is important.)

Need help pulling this together quickly?

We have a presentation package that gives you everything you need:

  • Presentation slides and speaker notes on 10 Warning Signs Your Loved One May Need Help
  • Branded handout with your name, logo, colors, photo, and contact information
  • Social media promotional updates
  • A blog on the topic where you can end with a link to your form
  • A follow-up email template
  • A monthly e-newsletter for family caregivers

You receive an area exclusive.
None of your area competitors can license this package.

Check to see if your market is still available.

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