“What’s the best social platform for elder care?”


As content marketers specializing in elder care, we at Elder Pages Online get asked this question a LOT. And it’s a good one.

Show me the data
Those who know me know that I am a data gal. So to answer this question, I went to the Pew Internet and American Life Project and reviewed their Demographics of Social Media Usage report from August of 2015.

First glance
On sheer brute force of numbers, one might be inclined to suggest Facebook, based on the percentage of Internet users that engage with each of the top five platforms:

Quantity vs. Quality
Quantity does not reflect quality, however. For instance, with analytics, I will take 4 viewers on a website who spend 2-5 minutes there and eventually call the office over 400 who come from a Google search for who-knows-what, click through a page or two and boogie on along after 1 minute. (Google visitors are notoriously fickle, compared to people who come from a link on another page.) The same quality/quantity dichotomy is true on social media. Some viewers are worth more than others.

What are you trying to accomplish?
Of course, we all want contacts that result in income. That’s the end goal. But you may have other goals on your way there.

  • A home health agency and home care agency may be struggling to find employees.
  • A care manager may be looking for a way to network with referrers who can send multiple clients over many years rather than family caregivers who represent a total of just one or two clients over the lifetime of the relationship.
  • A hospice may be more likely to connect with potential donors and volunteers on social media than with actual patients or physician referrers.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting our best picks for social media depending on your market niche and what you are wanting to accomplish.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about content marketing, by all means contact me at tasha@elderpagesonline.com. Our job is to make your job easier!