Happy Birthday USA!


We at Elder Pages Online join with the Young@Heart Chorus (performing here in Fenway Park) in saluting our nation and the principles of freedom and liberation that inspired our democracy 240 years ago!!!

If you are not familiar with the Young@Heart Chorus they are a group of dynamic elders of all range of abilities who defy ageism and share insights about growing older through song, laughter and just plain having fun! They came together in 1982 when they were all residents in an elder housing project in Northhampton, MA. Over the years the group has toured the world, giving performances at International Festivals and on national television.

Check out their YouTube videos. Of particular note:

  • Their rendition of James Browns’ “I Feel Good”

  • A new spin on the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What you Want”

  • And their signature “Forever Young” sung at a moving concert in the Hampshire County Jail.