Addressing the Caregiver Crisis

scfpatientyhfcaregiver_adobestock_86793718-700x400Stephen Tweed of Leading Home Care offers some of the best applied research and simply practical insights in the business. It’s no surprise, then, that he is tackling the caregiver shortage. And his ideas have the added value of improving the quality of your care. What’s not to like about that?

In fact, data from Home Care Pulse (a national company that does 3rd party customer and employee satisfaction surveys) reveal a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. In home care, your caregivers simply ARE the client’s experience of your business. If you have disgruntled employees…

Creating a “Culture of Attraction”
Stephen’s strategy is to cultivate, attract and retain the best caregivers. Along the lines of “it’s less expensive to keep an existing client than it is to find a new one,” he recommends applying that philosophy to employees by developing a “Culture of Attraction”.

More than money (and less expensive!)
Certainly pay rate is an important factor with employees, but there is more to work than money, especially to those caregivers who really do take pride in their work. Don’t under-estimate the importance of the emotional working conditions. If you make your employees feel valued and appreciated, you will go a long way to solving the caregiver crisis in your home care agency.

Short summary of Stephen’s approach:

  1. Define your Best caregivers
  2. Attract the Best
  3. Screen and Select the Best
  4. Hire and on-board the Best
  5. Train and develop the Best
  6. Recognize and Reward the Best
  7. Retain the Best

I highly recommend reading his blogpost.

Project your Culture of Attraction on the Web
Check out our e-library and monthly newsletter for ideas on how to easily project this culture of attraction through your Web presence. (Don’t forget, your employees are the Internet generation!)

Attract Clients AND Employees
This educational marketing tool for clients also provides options for highlighting your star employees (Meet Our Caregivers), training your employees with easy references and articles through the monthly newsletter and archives, and recruiting caregivers who want to be part of a superlative team (Join Our Team).

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